As Featured in the story Lily and The Mermaid's Tear

Sea Glass

      or Mermaid Tears as they are often called can be found on the beach or by lucky divers! Polished by the sand and washed smooth by the waves,  each piece is unique, original and one of a kind.  Varying in shades from the palest green to the darkest cobalt blue, we use only the prettiest pieces for our "Mermaid Tears".  Each piece is drilled with a diamond tipped bit and suspended on a beautiful yet durable chain to ensure a gorgeous  piece of jewelry that your child will cherish and enjoy wearing. 

 Each copy of Lily and The Mermaid's Tear comes with an authentic hand made  "Mermaid Tear" necklace.  This package set makes it an excellent gift for birthdays and its just in time for Christmas! Order yours today!